Imagine a weed. It is in the fissure that life manifests itself, it would not be daring to say that it has always been there, ready to tear the concrete. Coletivo Avuá was created in 2016 by Ana Clara Muner and Lucas Pradino. Artists interested in investigating the intersection between visual, scenic and performing arts and their relationship with public and private spaces in order to re-signify them, seeing them as catalysts for their artistic processes. The collective's quest to discuss emerging themes to create new forms of shared lives makes it possible for it to move through the fissures left in the spaces it occupies.

Ana Clara Muner is a visual artist, using mainly photography as a language. His works seek to question the traditional angle — imposed by patriarchal society — of viewing history, bringing a gender perspective to deconstruct old memory policies and recreate new narratives. She is a master's student at the Program in Languages, Media and Art at Puc-Campinas and a graduate student in Photography at Insituto Rffles Milano (Milan/IT). Among his works is the virtual exhibition Estrutura Bruta, contemplated by Proac / Unpublished exhibitions of visual arts and the New Photography Award of the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo, where he held the exhibition The future of photography.
Lucas Pradino is an Actor, Illuminator, art educator and producer, graduated from the CEFAR professional course - artistic training center (MG), founder and member of Coletivo Avuá and Cia dos Aflitos. He performed in the shows OIÉ!, directed by Odilon Esteves, Parada do Trem, directed by Geraldo Octaviano, Play-me, by Rodrigo Campos and the children's show O Carnaval dos Animais by Artmanhas do Som. As an illuminator, he created and operated lights for shows such as Jaz, directed by Joana Doria, Gavião de Duas Cabeças, directed by Juliana Pautila, Risco, directed by Luiza Bahia and Ricardo Alves Junior, Video installation Ponto de Fuga by Fábrica de Cultura directed by Luiza Romão, Fernanda Machado and Sofia Boito. He was an art educator in the Mit Bosted and HollyShit – Kokkedal projects in Copenhagen – DK with the TeaterKunst group for young refugees. In 2020 he was a producer at the São Paulo International Theater Show - MIT-SP.
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