What is the ecosystem that we idealize and build? Do we see ourselves as part of it?
The separation between what is essentially natural and what is technological distanced humanity from nature, reducing it exclusively as a resource to be spent in the service of techno-market interests.
This exacerbated exploitation resulted in an institutionalized environmental imbalance, nourished by attitudes of superiority and disengagement from the environment. However, it is imperative that we remember that we are part of it: we also function in a cyclical way, we also seek a place in the world where we can establish our roots. We share with him the possibility of change, transmutation, intermittency. Rescuing proximity and belonging to nature is a powerful exercise to establish another type of relationship with it, guided by alterity and care.
Understanding the possibilities of new ways and habits with our planet is the motto for the interactive installation CASA de DENTRO, produced with wood collected from trees that have been pruned or fallen. The work emphasizes the importance of reusing and reusing materials. Upon entering the installation, we are faced with what we place so far from us, but which we are part of as one more organism that sustains it.

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