My grandmother has a very specific case of Parkinson's. At 85, she struggles with it for more than a third of her life. A unique case within the medical community. At the same time that the medicine she takes protects her from the effects caused by the disease, it also changes her reality. A strong dose of endorphins, released by the pills, affects your brain, causing hallucinations. We often try to explain to her the origin of these visions, but with the rapid and continuous growth of this way of seeing the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to bring her into the reality in which most of us live. Sometimes it becomes clear to my grandmother that she is hallucinating, but the more we believe in something, the harder it is to let go of that idea and re-educate our brains. Calling this new reality origami, she believes that “origamiists” architect this reality. She created her new reality. Because of the needs that appear over time, he lives in a nursing home.
Her little room is a whole new world. Inside it, he recreated his objects. The wardrobe is an amphitheater. Inside the mirror, there is a pulpit with a priest who prays for her every day. Are they memories? A seam from your past? What would the reality be? Is what she sees a creation of her brain? Within your world anything is possible.

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